Sell Scrap Metal: Xpress Recycling

Metro Xpress Recycling is a fast, easy way for you to sell scrap metal.

As a scrap yard and scrap dealer, we buy and sell scrap metal of all types and quantities, and that helps put some “green” back in the environment and more “green” in your wallet.

Designed for our retail, contractor and small commercial customers, Metro Xpress Recycling provides a convenient drop-off service with top prices and instant payments whenever you sell scrap metal.

Your material is quickly unloaded when you arrive. It’s accurately weighed and documented at the scale. And immediate payment is made onsite.

Contact Metro Xpress Recycling to Sell Scrap Metal:

p: 404.753.6063     h: M-F 8:00AM-4:30PM     e: xpress recycling

The most commonly accepted metals and those items we do not accept are listed below.

• Aluminum
• Busheling
• Aluminum Cans
• Cast Iron
• Aluminum Clips
• I-Beams
• Aluminum Gutters & Downspouts
• Iron
• Aluminum Patio Furniture
• Sheet Metal
• Aluminum Pots & Pans
• Steel
• Aluminum Radiators
• Steel Borings
• Aluminum Wheels
• Steel Plate
• Aluminum Sheet
• Steel Studs
• Aluminum Siding
• Steel Turnings
• Aluminum Transformers
• Webs
• Aluminum Turnings
• Wrought Iron
• Aluminum Wire
• Brass
• Brass Decorative Items
Not Accepted
• Brass Fixtures
• Appliances
• Brass Hair Wire
• Automobiles
• Brass Lamps
• Batteries
• Brass Pipes
• Gas Tanks
• Brass Plumbing, Pipes & Valves
• Grocery Carts
• Brass Radiators
• Oil Filters
• Brass Rods
• Paint Cans
• Brass Tubing
• Propane Cylinders
• Brass Turnings
• Sealed Units
• Bronze
• Steel Drums
• Carbide
• Tires
• Compressors
• Copper
• Copper Plumbing, Pipes & Valves
Illegal to Accept
• Copper Roofing
• Cemetery Markers & Urns
• Copper Transformers
• Manhole Covers
• Copper Tubing
• Mercury
• Copper Turnings
• Railroad Scrap
• Copper Wire
• Electric Motors
• Heliax Wire
• Housewire
• Insulated Cable & Wire
• Lead
• Lead Shot
• Lead Wheel Weights
• Monel
• Nickel
• Platinum
• Radiators
• Romex Wire
• Screen Doors & Window Frames
• Stainless Steel
• Stainless Turnings
• Tin
• Tin Coated Copper
• Tin Insulated Copper Wire
• Wire Scrap
• Wire Harnesses
• Zinc

Georgia State Law requires that you present a valid picture ID to sell scrap metal and receive payment. You must remove pans, hoses and wires, and drain fluids from all accepted materials before arriving at Metro Xpress Recycling. This may not be done onsite.

Learn about metal market and scrap metal prices. Read more…

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    Been a customer since 1987. I have always had great service from Metro Alloys. Good job all of you!
    Dispatch Department always gets me service in a timely manner.
    Enjoy working with Metro, very responsive to our needs.
    Always friendly and professional. Great company.
    Our Account Rep takes good care of us. Every at Metro is professional and courteous. Thanks!
    Always have great service with Metro Alloys. Drivers are friendly even whey they have us fix safety concerns with material in containers. Dispatch responds quickly.
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