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Metal market prices and scrap metal prices (Atlanta and worldwide) are widely circulated and can vary significantly. The metal prices on this page reflect the trading prices on various market exchanges around the world. Known as “prime”, these metal market prices serve as an index and fluctuate on a daily basis according to market conditions. Scrap metal prices for copper, aluminum, stainless, iron and other metals also fluctuate on a daily basis, and while related to “prime”, scrap metal prices are also adjusted based on the quality and quantity of the materials at time of sale.

Metal Market Prices

All metal market prices and scrap metal prices for copper, aluminum, stainless, iron and other metals are subject to change without notice throughout the day. Contact Metro Alloys 404.753.6063 for today’s metal market prices and for current scrap metal prices (Atlanta and worldwide).


Scrap Metal Prices Atlanta


Scrap Metal Prices Atlanta


Scrap Metal Prices Atlanta


Scrap Metal Prices Atlanta

Scrap Metal Prices Atlanta

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  * Spot – Live, Non-LME Prices
** COMEX – Commodity Exchange
** LME – London Metal Exchange

Industry News

Metro Alloys, ISRI

Ferrous Scrap Market Shocked

Jan 10, 2019 – Ferrous scrap prices took an unexpected turn in domestic trading this week with busheling and shredded tags dropping $30-40/GT, more steeply in some markets.

U.S. Aluminum Scrap Lethargy Continues

Jan 5, 2019 – The U.S. aluminum scrap market has started 2019 where it left off last year—with volatile prices on the LME, low demand and oversupply weighing on prices.

Stainless Scrap Market Remains Fragile

Jan 4, 2019 – Continued weakness for the U.S stainless scrap market was expected heading into 2019 and only a few days into the New Year stainless scrap prices remain fragile.

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